About the Artist

As a child, colour and design were very important to me. Looking at the pictures in books as my mother read to me; the light of the setting sun filtering through the bedroom curtains; the vibrant tints of the wild flowers I gathered on the way to school.

When I went to Croydon College of Art in the 1960s I studied Graphic Design and learned to appreciate the power of images. After I gained my professional qualification, my career was in the advertising industry, producing simple yet compelling artwork.

For many years, I utilised my creative abilities to run a successful campaigning organisation. More recently, I have spent a great deal of my time travelling around Europe, Scandinavia and other parts of our world. Seeing so many wonderful sights has made me very happy and inspired me to create large canvases, each of which conveys the essence of a particular scene. Using carefully mixed colours applied in precise, clean shapes, I focus totally on translating my own emotional reaction into a strong, positive image. My paintings provide a harmonious addition to any environment; closer inspection reveals the unusual perspective which invites the spectator deep into the scene.

It is always very pleasing when one of my original paintings is chosen to become part of someone else’s life. Many of my images are available as top-quality signed prints and, using modern technology, people can even purchase my work in a size and choice of material to suit their display area. Welcome to my world!